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Presley, Perkins, Lewis & Cash - Wednesday, 2/14 to 2/16 @ Woodlands Auditorium
The Doo Wop Project - Wednesday, 3/14 to 3/16 @ Woodlands Auditorium


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INDIVIDUAL SHOW TICKETS are on sale starting August 1 for $30.00 each.

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**************************** TAPESTRY "The Carole King Song Book"
September 6-8, 2017

Suzanne O Davis
continues to amaze audiences with her talent and most heartfelt tribute to CAROLE KING with standing ovations across the globe.

**************************** THE BROADWAY BOYS
October 11-13, 2017

An evening full of show tunes presented with a contemporary flare. Pop, Funk, Jazz and Folk.

**************************** SHADOWS OF THE 60'S
November 8-10, 2017

The music of Motown with the intensity of the original preformances. Prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping good time.

**************************** PRESLEY, PERKINS, LEWIS & CASH
February 14-16, 2018

This show energizes exudes pure 1950's Rock & Roll.

**************************** THE DOO WOP PROJECT
March 14-16, 2018

Triple threat stars with a 5-piece band tears it up with showmanship not seen in any other group in the world.


2017-2018 Concert Schedule